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If you’re in Los Lunas, New Mexico, seeking dependable and personalized home health care or hospice care, please get in touch with us to explore our services.

Top-Rated Home Healthcare Services in Los Lunas

Luna Vista Home Healthcare & Hospice provides dependable home healthcare and hospice solutions in the north-central region of New Mexico. We hold certifications from Medicare and Medicaid, underscoring our status as a trusted provider of home health services. Additionally, we have received accreditation from the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC).

Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses expert nursing care, physical/occupational/speech therapy, medical social work, home health aides, and personalized care. With a team of dedicated and highly skilled professionals, we are firmly committed to preserving dignity and improving the overall quality of life for seniors, families, and individuals with disabilities.

Compassionate Hospice Care Services in Los Lunas

Luna Vista Hospice is firmly dedicated to delivering the highest level of care and compassion to patients and their families as they navigate the final phases of life. Our hospice services provide comfort and solace when curative treatments are no longer a viable option. Our primary focus revolves around adept pain management and the alleviation of symptoms to enhance the overall quality of life for the patient. Through our exceptional approach to end-of-life care, we address the holistic needs of our patients, encompassing their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. In addition, we offer invaluable support to their families during this challenging time.

What is Hospice?

Hospice care emerges as a vital source of solace and encouragement for patients and their loved ones when conventional treatments lose their effectiveness against an illness. The central tenet of hospice revolves around adept pain management and the easing of symptoms. The transition to hospice care involves a shift from curative intent to a focus on enriching the quality of life.

While Medicare necessitates a prognosis of a terminal illness within 6 months or less to access hospice care, the duration of utilizing the Medicare hospice benefit remains open-ended. Hospice offers a significant avenue through which both family members and healthcare professionals can respect your preferences. This empowers you, as a patient, to retain control over how you want to experience your remaining days with dignity and self-respect.

Why Choose Luna Vista Hospice?

In a collaborative effort, our hospice team joins forces to create a comprehensive care plan designed to reflect your values and choices. Depending on the specifics of your terminal illness and related situations, your personalized care plan might include a variety of these services:

  • Hospice Physician
  • Nursing Care
  • Hospice Aide Care
  • Medical Social Worker
  • Spiritual Care/Bereavement Services
  • Therapy Services
  • Volunteer Participant

Our hospice services also include these levels of care:

  • Routine Care
  • Continuous Home Care
  • Inpatient Hospice Care
  • Respite Care

Luna Vista Home Healthcare & Hospice remains steadfastly by your side, committed to providing support for you and your family during your most critical moments. Our compassionate experts are here to lend assistance in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Listen to and hear your concerns.
  • Plan our care according to your goals and wishes.
  • Honor your life experience and legacy.
  • Respect your unique beliefs and philosophy.
  • Respond quickly to after-hours and weekend requests.
  • Expertly manage your pain and symptoms.
  • Assist with end-of-life planning.
  • Support your family after your passing.

In-Home Skilled Nursing Care Services in Los Lunas, NM

Apart from our Hospice Services, our agency also specializes in these Home Health Services that families can rely on:

Skilled Nursing Care

Luna Vista Home Healthcare specializes in delivering exceptional in-home skilled nursing care designed for elderly or disabled individuals. Our dedicated team of Registered Nurses (RNs) provides top-tier medical services directly in the comfort of patients’ own homes. Collaborating closely with the patient’s physician, our RNs offer comprehensive care such as wound dressings, medication management and education, diabetes and pain management, catheter and tracheostomy care, as well as various therapy services.

Our goal at Luna Vista Home Healthcare is to provide expert medical care at home. With skilled nursing tailored to you and supported by experienced compassionate, and professional RNs we strive to enhance your loved one’s well-being and quality of life.

Home Health Aide Services

Luna Vista Home Healthcare & Hospice introduces a convenient option for managing regular medical needs, minimizing the requirement for multiple doctor appointments. Our extensively trained Home Health Aides (HHAs) provide tailored assistance within the comfort of your own home. Working closely alongside Registered Nurses (RNs) or licensed therapists, our Home Health Aide Services offer part-time support for individualized care.

Guided by input from the patient, family, and healthcare professionals, our services are personalized to align with the individual’s care plan. Our dedicated home health aides are skilled in various tasks, including bathing, hair care, changing bed linens, and aiding with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).

Medical Social Services

When confronted with personal difficulties, turning to an unbiased mental health professional can offer significant benefits. Therapists offer confidential guidance, unaffected by emotional connections that might impact impartiality.

At Luna Vista Home Healthcare & Hospice, our Medical Social Services provide compassionate support, including brief counseling, referrals to community resources, and advice on various aspects of life. We place your well-being first and establish a safe space for open discussions, empowering you to navigate challenges with assurance.

Specialty Clinical Programs

Luna Vista Healthcare & Hospice firmly believes in the transformative potential inherent in our specialized in-home Specialty Clinical Programs. Through these dedicated services, our aim is to nurture a deep sense of compassion and attentiveness, benefiting both healthcare providers and patients alike. Our ultimate goal is to enhance the overall well-being of our community members.

Within these programs, we provide tailored treatment strategies within an environment that places emphasis on comfort, security, and optimal patient well-being. We acknowledge the importance of creating a nurturing space that fosters healing and emotional wellness, all while maintaining efficiency and affordability.

Our caring professionals collaborate with your medical team to craft personalized care plans. We communicate these plans clearly and empathetically to aid each patient’s recovery.

Occupational Therapy

Facing the hurdles presented by illness or injury is a formidable journey, regardless of where you are in life. Luna Vista Home Healthcare & Hospice is prepared to provide unwavering support, assisting you in your path back to strength and daily routines within the comfort of your own home.

Our skilled occupational therapists possess a wealth of expertise and a deep understanding of your specific needs. Working alongside you in your familiar environment, their goal is to enhance your self-sufficiency, strengthen muscles, improve posture, and foster a sense of empowerment. Their empathetic approach goes beyond mere physical progress, addressing symptoms of depression and anxiety to promote overall well-being.

Our Occupational Therapy covers inpatient and outpatient care, customized for you. Our therapists assist with essential tasks and help you regain independence for a fulfilling life.

Physical Therapy

During your recuperation from injury, illness, or surgery, the thought of venturing outside might seem overwhelming. This is where the convenience of having a physical therapist visit your home can make a significant difference, streamlining your path to recovery.

Physical Therapy, which incorporates methods like heat, light, exercise, and massage, serves as a crucial pillar in your journey to rehabilitation. At Luna Vista Home Healthcare, our specialized Physical Therapy services are carefully tailored for patients recovering from a variety of conditions. Our licensed physical therapists not only aid in restoring strength and mobility but also prioritize the enhancement of your overall well-being.

Speech Therapy

Coping with communication challenges can lead to feelings of frustration and self-consciousness. Whether present from birth or triggered by factors like stroke or injury, speech therapists play a crucial role in addressing speech, language, and swallowing difficulties. However, many individuals feel uncomfortable in clinical environments, worried about others overhearing their struggles.

At Luna Vista Home Healthcare, our trusted in-home Speech Therapy services offer a compassionate solution, allowing individuals to address speech, language, or swallowing issues within the familiarity of their own surroundings. Guided by licensed speech therapists, our sessions are purposeful and designed to create a relaxed and secure atmosphere. This environment encourages more active participation in therapy, resulting in better healing results.

Fun Facts About Los Lunas, NM

Los Lunas is a charming town located in Valencia County, New Mexico, USA. Nestled along the banks of the Rio Grande River, Los Lunas is known for its picturesque landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and growing community. With a blend of rural beauty and modern amenities, Los Lunas offers its residents and visitors a balanced lifestyle. The town’s proximity to Albuquerque provides easy access to urban conveniences while still retaining a distinct small-town ambiance.

Los Lunas is also celebrated for its cultural attractions and recreational opportunities. The town hosts various events that showcase local traditions and talents, promoting a sense of community engagement. Outdoor enthusiasts can explore the nearby hiking trails, enjoy water activities on the Rio Grande, or take in the breathtaking vistas of the surrounding desert and mountains. Whether you’re drawn by its natural beauty, historical significance, or vibrant community spirit, Los Lunas offers a glimpse into the heart of New Mexico’s diverse cultural tapestry.

Locally Owned. Woman Owned. Minority Owned. RN Owned.

Luna Vista Home Healthcare & Hospice is fully dedicated to providing personalized hospice services and expert home health care to families, seniors, and individuals with disabilities in the Los Lunas community. Our resolute commitment revolves around delivering exceptional medical care within the comfort of your own home, seamlessly blending advanced technology with genuine respect, empathy, and compassion. Whether you are in need of comprehensive hospice support or skilled home health assistance, our reliable team is here to support you every step of the way. Reach out to us today to discover our range of services or to arrange for a home care assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of in-home services do you provide?2023-04-11T03:17:44-07:00

Our agency is licensed in the state of New Mexico to provide home healthcare and hospice services. Those services include skilled nursing, hospice, physical/occupational/speech therapy, medical social work, home health aide, and personal care. Detailed information about our services can be found on our Home Health Services and Hospice Services pages.

How quickly can I arrange for services?2023-05-02T11:30:44-07:00

To arrange services with Luna Vista Home Healthcare & Hospice, contact us at 505-440-8316 and schedule an evaluation with one of our intake coordinators. Once your evaluation is complete, we will work with you and your physician to create a plan of care that addresses your needs.

Are you Medicare-certified?2023-04-11T03:19:16-07:00

Yes. Luna Vista Home Healthcare & Hospice is a Medicare and Medicaid-certified home health provider, as well as an accredited agency by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC).

What are my payment options for your home health services?2023-04-11T03:20:19-07:00

Luna Vista Home Healthcare & Hospice accepts the following payment options to cover the cost of services:

· Medicare
· Medicaid
· Private Insurance
· Auto Pay
· Credit Card
· Long-Term Care Insurance
· Veteran’s Administration (VA) Benefits

Note: Luna Vista Hospice is currently only accepting Medicare or Triwest Insurance for hospice services.

What kind of training do your professionals receive?2023-04-11T03:21:15-07:00

In addition to intensive onboard training, mentoring, and maintaining up-to-date credentials, our professionals receive ongoing education through industry-leading healthcare training sources.

Do you screen your employees?2023-04-11T03:22:02-07:00

Yes. All Luna Vista Home Healthcare & Hospice employees are carefully screened before coming on board, including criminal and DMV background checks. We also drug screen our employees.

Are your services available in nursing homes or assisted living communities?2023-04-11T03:22:57-07:00

Yes. Luna Vista Home Healthcare & Hospice partners with and provides services within local facilities that allow outside healthcare professionals. Our employees undergo additional training before serving in those settings. 

What sets your agency apart from other home health providers?2023-04-11T03:23:36-07:00

The administrative and clinical staff at Luna Vista Home Healthcare & Hospice embodies compassion, heart, patience, empathy, and competence to meet our patients’ needs. Our agency’s mission is to deliver our patients the physician-directed care most appropriate for their condition.

Certifications and Awards

Locally Owned. Woman Owned. Minority Owned. RN Owned.

Luna Vista Home Healthcare and Hospice is a Medicare and Medicaid certified home health provider as well as an Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) accredited agency that provides skilled nursing, physical/occupational/speech therapy, medical social work, home health aide, and personal care services.



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